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Best Bicep Workout

Many people want the easiest and shortest way to achieve results, most especially for body building enthusiasts, who often get asked the question of what could be the best bicep workout for everybody.


The answer may be simple, but can surely make other people wonder why, since even the best experts agree on one thing, that there is no such thing as the best bicep workout for everybody.


Every Body Is Different

This is mainly because of a few basic principles that govern the science of bodybuilding and how the body, being unique from one another, requires much more than just pumping weights and eating a healthy diet.

But truth be told, the secret to having the best bicep workout for you is one that is designed to suit your needs and preferences.

This is because each individual has varying muscle and human anatomical structures, this is usually based on an individual’s metabolism, activity preferences, physical tolerance and mental well-being. Try the Bar brothers workout for great results.

This is also based on the fact that the commitment and determination is also a mental state that allows a person to determine the amount of effort needed to reach a certain degree of fulfillment that can result from pursuing a desired workout program.



Some people, on the other hand, usually lose the determination to reach a desired outcome, thinking that it may take a long time to finish a regimen to the end, especially upon seeing little results from so much hard work.

Simply put, it can be easily said that what is good for some, may not fare well with others – different strokes for different folks.

Still, many are lured into the processes by which we human always love to show off, most especially with our bodies.

The same holds true with the biceps, also known as the ultimate ‘show muscle’, which has been an inherent sign of strength and manhood – where bulging biceps are often dreamt of by men, young and old alike.

This may be due to the fact that the biceps are always the most visible part of the body, also making it the most famous muscle of the human body.


Body building, in general is a discipline, one that would require whole-hearted commitment and determination to achieve the desired results.

Aside from pumping iron and lifting weights, it is also crucial to take note of continued exercise, as well as maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

First and foremost, the initial goal of most body builders is to show their big and bulging biceps, which are the most visible body part that can be easily displayed by flexing the muscles to show masculinity.

Here are some steps to take to ensure getting bigger biceps;

Step 1

Be prepared to work your biceps as hard as you can, since it is a common principle for muscle growth to work the muscles beyond the usual or routine activity to make it bigger. So, make sure to condition the mind to prepare the biceps for a beating – figuratively speaking.

Step 2

Not only will you be expected to make it work hard, it is also important to build it fast. Increasing activity and making it as fast as possible will make the muscles grow bigger. Ideally it should not take more than a 15 to 30-minute regular routine to finish your biceps workout. After all, it is not a secret that you need to subject the muscles to intense activity for it to develop and grow.

Step 3

Constantly remind yourself to rest periodically after a bicep workout, especially since it is essential for the muscles to rest in order for it to grow and recover. After the first initial workout, allow the biceps to rest no less than 48 hours before doing the next workout routine. Ideally, an intensive biceps workout at least twice a week is necessary for quick and massive growth.

Step 4

Here are some useful bicep workouts that are effective for many, but do take note that this will not guarantee the same results for everyone.

The Standing Barbell Curl – This is an intense yet fast-paced workout that should not include more than 3 exercises to begin with.

This workout routine is to begin with the standard barbell curl. You can use a standard weight barbell or one that you think can help you achieve your desired result, but be sure to take note that you only use one that does not match or exceed your own body weight.

Narrowly grip the handle using both hands approximately 8 to 10 inches apart and start with a slow, controlled up and down movement as the range of motion.

You can maximize the workout by squeezing hard at the handle when it reaches the top and follow the same process for added intensity upon reaching the bottom range of motion. You can do this for 8 to 10 repetitions, gradually increasing the number of times over time.

Step 5

Next would be the Incline Dumbbell Curls, which is done using an incline seat during the workout process which is aimed to work the biceps from a different angle.
This is done with both arms simultaneously at the same range of motion rather than making use of an alternating movement.

Set the bench to a slight incline to fully emphasize the biceps, than as the weights are being brought to the top, squeeze the biceps hard and get a full stretch at the bottom position.

Do this in 8 to 12 repetition ranges for 2 to 3 strong quick sets, and gradually increase the intensity or number of repetitions.

Step 6

Lastly, incorporate the routine with Cable Hammer Curls using a rope or cord. The rope attachment is a vital component where it is usually set as the low cable of a pulley exercise machine.

The routine is done using the rope extensions with the palms facing each other, then curl the weight up to your chin, squeezing hard, and lowering the weight down slowly.

This can be initially done with two heavy sets of 8 repetitions, moving quickly between each set.  This workout process is intended to work on the brachialis, which is responsible for bringing overall mass to the arms for a more balanced effect and look.

So, what can be the best bicep workout for you? There may not be any best workout that is suitable for everybody, but these steps can help in starting a workout routine that will set you on your way to having those big and bulging biceps.


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